Sunday, May 31, 2015

No Sick Days for Mom!

   I find it very aggravating sometimes that us moms do not get sick days. No such thing in the world of mom. No sick days, no days off, no sleeping in, no nothing. Sometimes it seems to me that being a dad is so easy. There is no getting up with the baby through the night, plenty of sick days, plenty of sleeping in and plenty of me time. Some days I feel like if I hear the word "mom," one more time I may change my name. I know other moms have to feel the same way some days, like it is never going to end, like there is never going to be any break. EXHAUSTION takes over.I wish sometimes I could sleep like a dad!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Enjoying the day

     What a beautiful day it was today. We finally got done Benson's swing set and the boy will not get off of it. I was so exhausted from pushing that little boy my arms felt like jello. Something so simple as swinging made him so happy. I was a little jealous. I wish I could go back and be that happy. To be able to enjoy something that is freeing and fills you with such excitement. Then I remembered he and Marlee are my happiness. Making sure they have everything and that they are always happy is what truly melts my heart. But hey mommy would like to swing too!! :-)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Joining a special club of moms

So I joined a club of moms that I did not think that I would ever join, the kid that pooped on the floor club.My son, who is 2 and potty training, decided he was going to poop on our white carpet in the hallway. He was naked, of course but nothing like this had ever happened before. To make it even more awesome is that my 8 month old daughter got some on her knee some how and crawled to the other end of the hallway and back. So needless to say there were tiny knee poop prints also all over. OMG!!!! I wanted to puke. I put him in the shower and hosed him off and then put them both in the tub, as I was trying to plan a way to clean this up without getting sick myself. The entire time all I kept thinking of was a funny picture on facebook that should a little boy laying in the middle of his bedroom floor with poop smeared every where and the caption saying "have kids they said, smell like roses they said." And as much as I wanted to throw up and be mad, I could not help but to laugh. Oh the little things to keep your sanity as a mom!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

   So this is my first time writing a blog and I really don't know much about what I am doing. I have read a lot but I don't think I have truly gotten the concept of this thing. But hello everyone, I'm joining the blogging world. So a little about myself first off. I am a 26 year old stay at home mom of two children, Benson who just turned two in January and Marlee who turned 8 months old today. My husband and I met in kindergarten, he was my first boyfriend and we didn't see each other for almost 17 years. We were hanging out with mutual friends in the summer of 2010 and we haven't been separated since.I went to a small school here in Middletown Ohio called Madison and then I decided to travel south to North Carolina for college. I got my bachelors of science in criminal justice, criminology and psychology. 
   This blog is going to be about being a stay at home mom. The daily struggles, the lack of sleep, the mommy fails and all of the funny stories in between. I would like to share mommy hacks, almost like pinterest. Ideas of homemade activities or games, things that don't work or that do. We can share home remedies on illnesses. We can even share recipes that we enjoyed making, that our toddlers enjoyed helping with or that were super easy. I want to be able to share my days with everyone so people can relate and know we are all normal humans with crazy kids.