About Me & My Family

Hello everyone! My name is Kayla Daughetee and this is my page. I am 26 years old (birthday August 4th, coming soon) and am married with 2 kids. I am a stay at home mom. I am just like everyone else trying to make it out with some sanity each day!

My husband and I met in kindergarten. I used to chase him around the playground and he was my first boyfriend. I did not see him again for 17 years after that because I starting going to a different school in first grade. On fourth of July 2010, we were with the same group of friends watch Peter Frampton and fireworks down in Blu Ash. At the time we did not recognize each other but a few days later he messaged me on facebook after he realized it was me. Since then we have been together, this time he chased me. We got married August 11th, 2012.

On January 15th, 2013 our son Benson Cade Daughetee was born. I was in labor with him for 2 days, 26 of those hours in the hospital and pushed for 3 hours to get him out. He was gorgeous. He is now my crazy 2 year old, who is too smart for his own good. Our daughter Marlee Lynn Daughetee joined our family on September 21st, 2014. She was a surprise pregnancy. She came much quicker with only 12 hours of in hospital labor and 1 hour of pushing. She is definitely her own person and has a temper. 

A little about me. I am born and raised in Middletown, Ohio. I attended a small school called Madison and our graduating class was the biggest at the time with 99 students. We are a very close community, with tons of pride. We actually live here now and plan on our children going there. I went to college in Wilson, North Carolina at Barton College. It was a small private college. I got my B.S. in Criminal Justice, Criminology and Psychology. I loved being close to the beach but I was ready to come home.

I love being outside. We are always doing things outside if we can. I love flowers, I totally have an addiction, they make me happy. I am a die hard buckeye!! I bleed scarlet and gray! I do root for the Bengals on Sundays though, however I prefer college football over NFL. Family is very important to me, I try to have get togethers regularly.  I love DIY projects and am addicted to pinterest. We enjoy playing cornhole and fishing. We have a garden that I get to tend to and pick all the things from! I am pretty simple and laid back. My husband says I am a man because I just shrug a lot off. I do have a temper though, which I earned honestly. I also got my sarcasm and dirty mind from my parents. My poor children have no chance! I just enjoy laughing and being happy. Though I don't go out a whole lot because people drive me nuts. I worked with chili's for 9 years and people are crazy!!

Just ask anything and I will give you answers. I do enjoy talking to people and sharing stories. 

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