Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hand made quilts

I have an obsession that may seem weird to those now. I love to sew quilts. But I hand sew them. I have no idea how to use a sewing machine and have only tried once.The only down fall about not using a sewing machine is it takes about two to three months to make one quilt. I usually make them full size and have only made one queen. 
My mamaw taught me how and I made my first quilt for her at 12. I have made a quilt for my dad, my other grandma, my x's mom and a few others. I have made one very special one for my husband as well. His dad died this past August at the age of 54 from kidney cancer. So I made a quilt for him for Christmas with pictures of him and his dad. The first one I had ever done like that. But I love making quilts. It is so relaxing and stress relieving. I enjoy finding new patterns and new fabrics. It is also a dying craft because not a lot of people now do it all by hand. 
I have been wanting to start sewing them and selling them but have no idea how to go about it. When I looked up pricing a quilt the size I make them go from $400 to $550 each. Everything I have read is that people break it up by materials and by the hours it takes to make them and basically getting paid by the hour. HOLY SHIT! I want to do it to make extra money for my family while being a stay at home mom and it will give me something to do for me. 
So below are some that I have done. They just need the backing which takes about a week! But pass it along if you know anyone interested in hand made quilts. Or if you have any advice about selling them for the price deserved let me know!

This one is Ohio Stars ^^

This one is Flower Gardens ^^
    These are the ones that I am going to try to sell. 

This one I made for my husband with pictures of him and his dad. I chose the colors because their favorite team is Notre Dame. 


  1. I can't believe you sew them by hand. That's impressive. I made my first quilt a while ago, and I definitely needed a sewing machine.

    1. Thank you. And yes all by hand lol. Try it, it is really fun though a long process.

  2. These are really very pretty and wonderful. Great handiwork there! :)