Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Potty Training

Oh the joys of potty training. No one ever told me how much fun this was going to be...NOT!! This sucks something awful, I am not even going to sugar coat it. Benson does great peeing in the potty. In a week we were completely diaper free and not wetting himself at nap or bedtime. He wakes up in the morning and goes to the potty and pees. It is awesome. Pooping however is a completely different story! For the love of God I cannot get him to poop in the potty. I take that lie back, he has twice but those were by accident. I have put him on the potty and kept him there as long as I could, nope he will walk away and poop 10 minutes later. I have tried poop prizes, no diaper or underwear, and nothing. He will poop outside no problem. But I will literally take him around the time he usually poops, he will sit there 10 minutes and not poop, then go into the other room and poop. I am so frustrated I can't even see straight! HELP ME!!!! Some one come get my child to poop in the potty please! I'll feed you a lovely meal or two! :-)


  1. I wish I could offer you some words of advice, but I am like the worst at potty training children... seriously. Two children down now and I still don't know how they were finally successful at it, it certainly wasn't because of anything I did, lol. My son wasn't potty trained till he was 3 1/2, but he just had to decide that HE was ready. Once he did, it was like night and day. he did awesome.

    1. Benson is killing me lol we are going through so much underwear because of poop accidents. I just refuse to get diapers.