Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My birthday!

So yesterday was the big day... yesterday was my birthday! 27 years ago I came into this world. Holy Shit where did the time go? I don't feel like it has been that long since I graduated high school. I feel like that Kenny Chesney song "Dont blink." Seriously?!?! Where did it go? 

Can I go back? Can I go back to being a kid with the only worry about cartoons. Sometimes I really would like to go back. Wouldn't it be nice to go back to no worries, no bills, no nothing. Sleeping whenever you want, getting up whenever you want. Honestly I would like to go back to 18. To a freshman in college. That was the funnest year of my life. I laughed so hard and had so much fun, some that I can't remember. Life was easy and I was just along for the ride. Going to the beach on weekends (I went to college in North Carolina). 

Don't get me wrong I love my life and my children. But sometimes I just dream about being young again. 


  1. Happy 27th Birthday I hope you had a fantastic day and will have many more birthdays to come!!Purple-Rain/cmbz/55c0f6b40cf2e37b76c14877

  2. Woohoo happy birthday! I turned 27 this year too! Crazy that it's been 10 years since 17 right?

    1. It is very weird. I don't feel "old enough," but yet some places we go I am like "OMG all these young kids!" (people in their early 20s lol).