Monday, August 3, 2015

Over-whelming Day

I have just had an over- whelming day, well a bad week really. Marlee is cutting four teeth, so she is not sleeping hardly. Benson is potty training and all though we are doing awesome, it is still very exhausting. Who knew kids would be so much work!! :-)

I just feel like I am doing so much stuff from sun up to sun down and nothing is getting done. I had plans this summer to do fun things and take the kids out but we have not done a lot. Long story short we had almost $8,000 ( our entire tax return) taken from our account and after 3 months and detectives later, we ARE NOT getting it back. So we are way behind on bills. This summer has sucked really. I was looking forward to it so much too. 

No to mention tomorrow is my 27 birthday. Yep one more year closer to 30. I always get shafted on my birthday. I have not had a birthday present in 3 years. Our wedding anniversary is next Tuesday, the 11th and I have not had any anniversary gift. My husbands birthday is March 3rd, so he always gets something because we have our tax return. By the time my birthday gets here we are always broke. Not that presents are necessary but I feel like I deserve something because I work hard every day (I also get nothing for mothers day). I just feel like I should get something every once in a while. I dedicate my entire life to taking care of my husband, two children and home. I  DO EVERYTHING!!! Literally! I don't know. I just need to pout and piss and moan today!


  1. Oh no, sorry to hear your summer is sucking :( I sorta feel you on the birthday thing, mine is at the end of August, and usually is around the first day of school, being a teacher, I get the shaft of no one remembering and not being able to do much with friends because everyone is back to work. I hope your husband pulls something together for you.

    1. Why do august birthday have to be so awesome because it is summer but sucky because well for our own reasons lol. Ugh I am just ready to get through the rest of this year and have a better 2016.