Thursday, June 18, 2015

Being a Kid!

I think that being able to be a kid again is the best part about having kids of your own! You get to PLAY!! I love to play! The best part I think its watching your kids laugh, learn and be full of excitement. It is especially fun the first time you do something when you get to watch them figure it out and the looks that come across their little faces! I love those looks! I think my favorite is when my daughter holds up something new and squints at it while she is trying to figure out what it is all about!

Yesterday we played in the rain! Something I loved doing as a kid. We have been outside when it has started to rain but we have never actually played in it! Man was it fun! We got soaked but my son loved it! We had puddles in our yard and if you moms watch Peppa Pig then you know what puddles are all about! Benson was jumping in them saying he was George and I was Peppa! Though the puddles weren't really muddy, he kept calling them muddy puddles! 

These are the moments I will treasure forever. I know one day he won't want me around as much! So I better enjoy every kiss, hug and thing he wants to do with mommy now!


  1. YES! I totally agree and my son is the same way, he loves him some Peppa pig and likes to put what he sees on his shows in real life. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. So cute! As a teacher, I feel this same way about when I get to just play and be silly with my students. Enjoy this time with your littles! :)

  3. That's amazing. It's always fun going back to being a child without caring. :)

  4. Oh my goodness, I agree. I mean, honestly, right now I don't have a lot of extra energy for playing, but generally speaking, it's so much fun to have fun with your children! And no one judges you for playing when you're with your littles, lol. :)
    And I use to love playing in the rain when I was growing up! Looking back on it now, I'm surprised that my om would let me stay out in the soaking yard for hours having grand adventures... I need to loosen up a bit I guess. :)

  5. Playing in the rain is the best! The puddles and even the mud, if your my son, are the best! I look forward to summer rain so we can go out!