Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy Thoughts!

Sometimes as a stay at home mom it is easy to lose sight of how precious your children really are. You are always go go go. You are playing, cooking, cleaning, wiping butts, kissing boo boos and you are one thousand jobs in one all day long. By the end of the day you are tired and ready to relax or in my case just pass out. But when you stop and look at your child enjoying simple things around them it just brings joy to you. You see them staring at a toy, trying to figure out what its all about. Picking flowers to try and eat them is one of my daughters favorites, though she is only 8 months old so everything goes in her mouth. She loves, loves,loves playing in mommy's flower beds as I am weeding. And I think that this is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Wish I could play in the flower beds too! What are some aww moments for you?


  1. So adorable! I'm not a mom, but I do think it's important no matter the stage in life to look for those aww moments

  2. SOO cute!! I'm not a mom either, but your sweet baby is ADORABLE!

  3. I agree.. just though moments that make you smile no matter what is going on. It kind of warms your heart! And thank you! She is my screamer though, don't let that sweet face fool you lol! My son, who is 2, never cried like that lol.