Sunday, June 7, 2015

Wonderful Weekend

What a wonderful weekend we had. My husband works at a local steel mill so he only gets one weekend off a month. He works swing shift. Every week he starts a new shift for 7 days and only one day off in between. After all 3 shifts, he gets a "long weekend." So we took advantage of it this time.

Thursday we went to a local carnival after a long day of yard work and playing outside. My son, Benson, did not want to get off any ride. He loved them so much! Which is good for me because I love rides and my husband does not. I could ride rides all day. I'm just glad that he wasn't scared. Though it wasn't fun to battle a 2 year old, who had not napped, to get off rides.

Friday was full of more playing outside and unfinished yard work. It has just been so nice, we have to be outside. But Friday was also our date night. I found an idea on pinterest to put date ideas on Popsicle sticks and put them in a jar. You then draw a stick out and that is your date. We picked out mini golf and few weeks ago, so planned baby sitting accordingly. Well it was my first time playing mini golf since I was little, I am not a fan and my husband golfs very often. I only ended up losing by 6 points. I was really impressed with myself. The kicker was at hole 10 it started to down pour, I was wearing white shorts and a light mint green tank.. awesome! We thought it would stop soon... Nope! So we had to hurry and finish playing the last 8 holes and got soaked. We sat in the car to plan where we were going to eat which took about 15 minutes and of course the rain stopped as we were pulling out. Either way it was a fun night because it was our first date since April. We don't get many date nights because sitters are scarce. 

Saturday we had a family and friend cook out. What an awesome time, grilling, cornhole, music and beer. The kids played all evening and then we had a bonfire to top off the night. Cornhole is like a religion here in Ohio, we love it like a real sport. My son sat in the swing for 5 hours straight because everyone kept pushing him, he's not dumb lol! It was so nice to have adult time and laugh with other people and of course have some good food too!

                                     (My niece, my sister and me)       

How was everyone else's weekend? Any big date nights?


  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend. :) And a date night sounds fabulous, my husband and I could really use one, it's been too long!

    1. Yes we get one every few months! We all need those date nights lol :-)